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High Country Wildlife Control of Montana specializes in bat exclusion projects statewide including Bozeman, Big Sky, Billings, Ennis, and remote areas.

Captured Bat by High Control Wildlife ControlThere are 15 species of bats in Montana that we know about. The majority of the time, inhabitation within structures occurs with only three species. Bat inhabitation in a structure can be very serious. Bat mitigation is not a job for a general contractor.

Bat mitigation is a job for an adept expert overseeing specific steps in a systematic process. At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we specialize in projects for custom built structures and most years we are booked out in advance for bat exclusion mitigation projects.

The first step for progress with bat inhabitation issues is to get an inspection from our bat expert that supervises all projects. The bat exclusion inspector will have extensive experience including Bat Standards Certification and a wide range of successful projects from all areas of Montana. We will then advise you with a report to advise all options to make a well informed decision on how to proceed.

All bat issues are different for every structure in Montana.

Costs to remove these flying mammals in a building vary drastically depending on finish work on structure, colony size, square footage of structure; construction of structure; and time of year. Regardless if you are located in Bozeman, Big Sky, Ennis or a remote area; often we stay in the area a project is located until the project is completed; therefore cost differences are not substantial unless the project requires multiple stages of process. Inspection is the first step towards remediation.

Common in Montana, when inhabitation occurs over a living space; this can be a concern that should be mitigated promptly.

Extermination is not necessary or advised by any regulatory entity. Bats are important to the ecosystem. Removal and relocation are advised; every circumstantial inhabitation is unique in regards to cost of a project. Many variables come into play in regards to a project cost. The first step is to acquire an inspection to reveal facts that will quickly determine how big or small of a problem you may have.

Most often, unless a structural change caused by damage leads to inhabitation, insurance agencies tend to have exemptions not covering bat exclusion projects.

Extermination is not necessary to remove bats from any structure. At High Country Wildlife Control, we aim to protect our ecosystem;  our methods are in line with the conservation maintained by state biologists.

High Country Wildlife Control of Montana does not promote the killing of any flying mammal species during mitigation projects.

They are very important to our ecosystem in Montana. With 15 species documented in Montana; bats balance many insect populations; they will consume 1200-1500 mosquitoes in an hour.

Although many biologists claim to have substantial studies confirmed with factual data; there are many biological facts about bats in Montana that have not been confirmed. Including sonar and air convection abilities of bat species. Bats are a very interesting species that have proven to be nature born assets to our ecosystem. At High Country Wildlife Control, we value our bat population in Montana; we report facts to the FWP; and most of the time, we can successfully remove bats,without harm, from any structure.

Many repellent devices are available on the market; however; we have seen none that are effective.

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