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At High Country Wildlife Control of Montana, we get wide varying mice questions all the time

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Controlling mice is easy. We offer two different programs for mice, and all customers fit one or the other. Call us and get on account. There’s no need for any contracts. We guarantee satisfaction. Period!

We often bring relief within one week. We manage vacation rentals, lodges, schools, grocery stores, retail, industrial; and residences.

We cover all of Montana; including Bozeman, Billings; and Big Sky areas.

We are Montana’s Premier Pest Control specialists.

Every customer is equally important to us; and therefore you can call us 24 hours a day; and expect a call back. So call us today and find out how we can help you.

Most global pest control companies utilize cookie-cutter approaches; which often are not effective enough to cause customers to feel secure. Don’t allow yourself or your business to settle for cookie-cutter maintenance of pests. At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we have knowledgeable solutions that work; and it’s important that all of our customers are happy.

Good sanitation can absolutely cut down future rodent escalation of populations; however; it will not make rodent infestation go away. Effective control and the amount of entry points in a structure are successful things to manage for rodent issues.

Sometimes, mice mitigation must be addressed both inside and outside. Every location and structure is different. Getting an inspection is the first step.

Some structures are easier to manage than others. Size of structures, the amount of viable mouse entries; and location; are all determining factors dictating what measures are needed to effectively manage mice issues.

There is no single scent proven in studies that will effectively keep mice away. Many companies sell rodent repellents that claim to keep mice away. We have only observed such products to be ineffective.

Mice in walls can be eliminated and controlled with an effective IPM program. At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we customize IPM programs that are specific to the customer’s needs.

A mouse can fit through a 1/4 inch hole. Often times, complete exclusion on a structure to eliminate mouse entries can be a daunting task; usually not completely successful. Sometimes, a significant decrease in entry points can be accomplished; but many times there are numerous voids behind siding and in foundations; which lead to wall systems. An inspection can immediately identify the best progressive step.

Rodent problems in new house? Bozeman is a good example for rodent issues in new houses. With the explosive growth of developments; we are seeing many new homes with rodent issues one month after construction completion. Homes are going up so fast, contractor errors are prevalent; with errors including missing final finish work; and voids around foundations. A mouse can enter a 1/4 void.

At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we use the same traps at all interior accounts which are the best multiple catch traps available within industry. If a person is attempting to catch mice on their own, the Victor catch/kill single traps with plastic cheese trigger has proven to be effective for low population management.

At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we utilize very specific bait formulation to catch all mice present. If a person is attempting to use single mouse traps to manage a little problem; simple peanut butter can be used for bait.

We often encounter use of interior bait stations within structures we take on account. We discourage the use of interior poisons because a mouse will often expire in a wall system which brings on long term odor problems. At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we often utilize very specific pet proof/child proof exterior bait stations filled with specific commercial bait; which can be highly effective if all factors are evaluated properly.

Proper placement of traps is very crucial for successful IPM of mice. Whether you are a normal person attempting to control a small issue with mice; or managing a structure with several mouse entries; having traps in the specific locations where mice are likely to travel through is critical to staying on top of control.

There are no studies proving electronic mouse repellent devices to be effective. Often, we come across such devices customers have invested in that brought no relief to their problem with mice.

Yes. At High Country Wildlife and Pest Control of Montana, we have two programs we service on accounts; and we maintain that we have no unhappy customers. Whether you are in the Bozeman area, Billings, Big Sky, or a remote area; call us today so we can see put place you on rotation for service. 406.224.2211.

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